Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'd like to be able to tell you that I am perfect. That I have always been focused and kept my priorities straight. But I'm not going to. It would be a flat out lie. I don't like to lie and I'm really not that good at it. What I am going to share is that my life became crystal clear for me this past week.

I used to be a bit of a perfectionist. I like things in their spot. I like neat and tidy. I always have and probably always will. But then life throws you a curve ball and you have to choose how you will react. So here is what I have chosen. I will always make time for family and friends. I will worry less about how clean my house is. I will order take out to make more time with people. I will say I love you everyday. I will be spontaneous. I will give more than receive. I will hold my loved ones a little tighter. I will walk my dogs a bit longer. I will remember all of this a month from now. A year from now.

It shouldn't take a life threatening illness to change your perspective on life. And for me I don't believe it has. What it has done is renewed my perspective. My family is most important to me. And my friends. Without your support and prayers this week may have been unbearable. We felt everything. We felt sadness. We were scared. We are optimistic. We feel your love for us. In return know that we love all of you, too.

Life isn't perfect. People aren't perfect. But do you know what is perfect? My daughter is crafting in the next room. My healing husband is taking a nap on the couch. I can't stop looking at him. He's where he belongs. My dogs are quiet. I'm posting a blog on time. My life is simply good.

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update. Scott's surgery went well. The doctor is confident that the cancer didn't spread beyond the prostate. We will know this for sure in a couple of days when the pathology report comes back. Scott is resting well and under great care. He even got out of bed and stood for a few minutes this evening. We so appreciate all of your warm thoughts and prayers. They are indeed working. Enjoy this Christmas season. Hold your loved ones a little tighter. Thank you for loving us. We are truly blessed.

Ann and Gracie

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Christmas Wish

This is the season when we get cards from people all over the world telling us about their year and how their family is doing. It was my plan to write our Christmas letter this weekend and do the same. But then Monday happened. I was at work and got a call from Scott. Actually I missed a call from Scott. I was taking a class at this time and couldn't get right back to him. Plus, I thought to myself, he never calls me during the school day. And then it hit me. He NEVER calls during my school day. I said to my friend next to me, "I think I should try to call him back." I excused myself from the class and tried to call. No answer. I breathed a sigh of relief and went back to class. Two minutes later he called again. We only had a few minutes left in the class and I didn't answer the call. We got back to our office. The office phone rings and it's for me. A call from the administration building. Ann, you need to call home immediately. There is a family emergency. No one wants to get this call.

Of course a million things race through your head while you find a private place to call. It felt like an eternity before I reach Scott. When I do get him on the line he tells me he needs to find a place where he can talk to me freely. My knees buckled and I actually sat down on the floor. Please tell me. Please. Oh God, please let my family be ok. Finally he says that he had a doctor's appointment and was given the diagnosis of prostate cancer. It's pretty aggressive is what he says. He keeps talking and my head is spinning. I stand up and say I'm coming home. I went back into my office and all of my coworkers ask if I'm ok? No, I say. Scott has prostate cancer and I need to go home. There were many hugs and offers to drive me home. I felt that I could drive. My friends asked that I call when I get there and to let them know if there was anything they could do.

I honestly don't remember the whole trip home. I did get there safely. Holding Scott was my first move and telling Gracie was the second. I'm still not ready to talk much about that. We notified family and friends. We talked about all of our options. We did what family members do. We supported each other. We cried. A lot. And yes we laughed, because that's what we do. It's our medicine. Since Monday life has been a roller coaster ride. We got the surgery moved up a week. We have family and friends coming to visit. There are plans for food. And for help if we need it. Gracie has so many offers to do things that I hope we have time to see her! This is all good. I have the most supportive friends at work. They are amazing and I couldn't feel more blessed. Scott has friends at work, too, that are wonderful.

Our families are not here in town, but they are on their way. We have some coming this weekend. And next weekend. And for the holidays. They said they would bring all of the food. We know they are all good for laughs, too. The prayers that are being said for Scott are being felt. They are powerful and next to family, friends and the fantastic surgeon, they are the most important thing to us.

So instead of writing my traditional holiday card, I'm writing this. We are loved and we are supported. We hope more than anything for a good report on Tuesday after Scott's surgery. We promise to keep you posted and please keep the prayers coming. This is my Christmas wish.

©2011 Ann M. De Broux