Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lost and Found

I love Shelties.  I've loved five of them especially.  I know someone who has loved hundreds of Shelties.  Her name is Lisa and she is a superhero.  She works day in and day out to place beautiful dogs in safe homes with loving families.

And that's exactly what she did with Theo.  He's such a cute little fella.  Two days ago fourteen week old Theo got away from his doggy daycare.  I hope you're sitting because the turn of events that took place are nothing short of a whirlwind kind of miracle.  Theo's mom called Lisa.  She did this because Lisa has told all of us to do this.  When Lisa delivers your new Sheltie/family member to your house, these are some of her parting words, "if your dog gets away or lost, call me.  I can dispatch help to you in minutes."  She means this.  Dogs have been lost before.  And thankfully they have been found, too.

The day that Theo went missing, help came from everywhere.   Lisa drove two hours to help.  Others in the area and out of the area rallied.    You see these people are part of the community that Lisa built.  Other people wanted to help, too.  Little girls passed out flyers.  Neighbors helped look.  Other Sheltie families drove around.  And walked around.  Police Departments helped.  Postings on social media kept everyone connected.  We were all on pins and needles.

We were doing all of this because one of our family was missing and needed to come home.  This was all happening because Lisa has helped us become a community or a family and that's what family does for each other.   We support one another in times of need and we celebrate in times of joy.

With Theo there is joy.  He was found.  His mom is over the moon.  And tonight I hope that our superhero can retire her cape and have eight hours of sound sleep and sweet dreams.