Sunday, March 15, 2015


We all know how important signs are in life.  There is hardly a moment that people aren't somehow touched by signs.  This has been very relevant to us over the past few weeks.  Gracie is enrolled in driver's ed classes.  She has a very animated teacher who enjoys telling stories.  Much of what she shares is hopefully going to stick in the young minds she's talking to.  She is teaching her students to read physical, planted in the ground signs.

There are other signs to.  Everyday we are with people and can get a read on them.  We are able to see what mood people are in from seeing posture, crossed arms, lack of eye contact or smiles and eyes that sparkle with joy.  I have always been fascinated with body language.  I study it.  I use it every day.  I know that I, too, give off vibes or body language that lets people know how I am feeling.

So, this brings me to this weekend.  Gracie had a strings festival at school.  This is an orchestra concert that involves several elementary schools, Whitehorse and Sennett middle schools and La Follette High School.  The gym had all of the bleachers pulled out.  The floor was a sea of chairs and music stands.  There were grandparents, parents, siblings and friends in the audience.  It was a packed house.  We were able to find bleacher seats at the very top row and in a spot that we could see Gracie very well.

The music began.  It was amazing from start to finish.  I've been to quite a few of these concerts and sometimes things get a little rocky.  Usually the strings will get back on course and the songs are enjoyed.  Not this time, there was no rockiness at all.  This was truly well done.  My excitement heightened with each song that they played.  Some classical and  modern songs were featured.  I couldn't help but sing along.

Gracie really enjoys her orchestra teacher.  He was her teacher in fifth grade.  The first year we lived in Madison.  His impact on her was great and she is glad to be in his class again.  One of the reasons she enjoys his class so much is that he treats the students with respect and expects the same from them.  They are adults in his orchestra class.  And he throws in humor and lots of puns that keep them laughing.

So this is where it happened.  Just to recap, I was elated with the music being played.  I was commenting to Scott and other parents that this was such an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  And then I saw it.  Gracie's teacher stood up on his stand, picked up his baton and with a closed fist tapped his hand over his heart.  That was it.  I felt like I was at a Rolling Stones concert.  His appreciation for his students was so apparent.  I then, in a small way repeated the gesture and said quietly (thank goodness), we love you, too.  And then I waived a quick peace sign.

Later in the day we had a trivia contest to participate in at church.  I relived this part of the concert with my trivia team.  Gracie looked at me with some of the biggest eyes ever.  Mom, you didn't.  Oh yes I did.  You see, when her teacher makes the fist over his heart gesture he's actually showing his students what time they should start playing in.  Oops.

Sometimes signs can be confusing.  Even misunderstood.  I choose to believe in dual meanings.