Monday, January 12, 2015

Up And Running...

My last post was what seems like forever ago.  I've had things I wanted to say.  I've mentally written blogs in my mind.  It usually happens when I'm about to do something and I don't have time to jot my thoughts down.  A few weeks ago I had this terrific idea while I was in traffic.  I willed myself to hang on to the idea until I had time to type and it was a fail.  Then last week I had a sort of half awake dream just before I woke up.  This is what I wanted to say.  I knew it.  And then I went downstairs to feeds the pups and make some java.  Idea gone.  Poof.

So today another subject came to me and I hung on to it.  This past summer I wasn't sure how I would do with the no driving thing.  For three months.  Turns out I did ok.  If I needed to go anywhere, Scott took me.  He said that he wished my backseat driver's license would have been voluntarily surrendered, too.  I learned I love being home.  At the end of the summer it was a surreal feeling to get my license again.  Thirty-two years after my first one.  And yes, I drove home from the DMV.

I needed to take a break from my blog and let my brain reboot.  My mind was a little foggy.  Every once and a while I couldn't find the right word.  One day I kept saying grocery when I meant to say jewelry.  A small thing I know, but frustrating all the same.  I hardly have any of this anymore.  Like my doctor said, I'll be more sensitive to these little blips than most, but it's normal and I'm fine.

I may have become part sloth. And I loved it!  I loved having people come to visit me.  And having people pick me up and take me places.  I loved purging the house with Scott and Gracie.  I loved Netflix.  I saw Luke Bryan and Bruno Mars in concert.  I spent time with my beautiful, silly forever friends.  I enjoyed the fruits of our garden.  I met two of my favorite authors.  The Minimalists.  I put my hand out to shake theirs and got hugs instead.  I was absolutely giddy over the moon.  And my husband was an absolute sport.  He took me to the book signing.  He got hugs, too.

I'm up and running.  Reboot and updates complete.  I'm feeling renewed.  Until the other day when I told Gracie I'd be ready in just a few minutes.  I needed to jump in the refrigerator and I'd be ready to go.  Of course I meant shower, but I happened to be a little tired and putting the milk back in the refrigerator.  Small blip.  It's good to be back.