Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Perfect Store For Me

Yes, you read that right. I've found the perfect store for me. And for my husband. And I must say my girl, too. I have to do a little back tracking to set the scene for you. It was a couple of weeks ago. I was letting my almost 17 year old dog in the house and he needed a little boost up a step. As I leaned over to assist I did something to my back. It felt like an electrical shock across the small of my back. The pain actually took my breath away. A day later Scott was rubbing my back as I lay on the floor. Pure torture. I pleaded with him to not rub so hard. He said, "Ann, I'm hardly touching you at all." Of course he wasn't. He would never hurt me. He said we're going to urgent care. And we did. Muscle strain. Rest and relaxers were prescribed.

On to the perfect store. My back was hurting. I was a bit crabby. But I figured the best position for me to be in was standing/walking. We needed to get an iPod charger for Gracie. Off to the Apple Store. Shoot me now. Put me out of my misery. First of all, I don't really like to shop that much. Secondly, an electronic/technology store. Give me break. I said five minutes, no more. I mean it. I know that you are going to find some rocket of a computer system that you just can't live without. Not tonight. I'm in pain. You know I have a high threshold for pain. For Pete's sake, I had a c-section and all I took for pain was Tylenol. This is a BAD back ache. In to the store and out.

We were helped by a guy named Topher immediately. He walked us right over to the display of chargers. Yep, we'll take that one. He said, are you done shopping? I can check you out right here. He pulled out his little iSomething and typed in our purchase. He then slid my debit card through the side of his iSomething. His next question---would you like a paper receipt or should I send one to your email. No way. Of course I chose the email option. Then he slid his iSomething across our package and demagnetized it. No bag needed. OK, I'm now sucked in. Scott says, let's get you home. I say, not so fast mister. I need to check out this iPad thing. They are right there for you to look at and touch and fall in love with. I received another gentle reminder from my guy---shouldn't we go? I said, isn't there some rocket of a computer system that you want to check out?

So after about fifteen minutes, even though I said no more than five, I think I have found the perfect store for my family. We would all find something that would fit us here. Amazing customer service. No frills atmosphere. Nice and bright and simple in that store. I'm hooked.
©2010 Ann M. De Broux

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