Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simply Avoiding the Inevitable...

It's a gorgeous day. I have had the windows open for two days straight. The air smells great. I need to wash out my tubs and the bathroom floors. I think I'll talk and giggle with my daughter for a while first. Then we play with my new iPad. Download a few apps. I decide that's enough and onto hanging some pictures in the new house. Better mow the lawn. Gracie helps. I handle the trimmer. Okay, that was done way too fast. I guess it's lunch time. Heat up some sloppy joes. We eat. Again, done way too fast. I vacuum the first floor. My dog barks at the vacuum. He's kind of lazy today, so all I really get from him is a "mmrrff," instead of a strong "ruff." I say, hey there fella, bark like you mean it! He lays his weary head down and I swear he said, "you bark like you mean it. And by the way aren't you supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms?"

Yuck. I hate cleaning the bathrooms. Especially since I just did it three days ago. You see, after I was done my husband made a valiant effort to kill these little bugs that we have had for a few weeks. He thinks they are called springtails. I think they are disgusting. Please do whatever it takes to eradicate! He made a trip to the hardware store in an absolute downpour and picked up the magical poison to springtails. What he didn't tell me is that the chemical needed to stay on the floors and not be cleaned up for a few days. Ugh! I just washed the floors. Now they are sticky with springtail killer! As I step out of the shower I feel the sticky stuff. Yuck again.

Well, the date has arrived that is acceptable to clean up. But here's the thing, I don't want to anymore. I feel that I have cleaned my bathrooms already. And I am doing everything in my power to avoid this cleaning again. I actually picked up my daughter's guitar and started strumming a little song for her and making up words to the tune as I went. No, I do not play the guitar. I am actually one of these gifted people that can just pick up an instrument and play it. Okay, I'm joking. And now I'm done playing the guitar because Gracie is trying to videotape me playing and I'm afraid it may end up on YouTube. That would be a nightmare.

Time to grow up, Ann. Just go clean the bathrooms. I tell myself, after it's over it never seems as bad as you thought it would be. We'll see...yuck.
©2010 Ann M. De Broux

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