Friday, September 10, 2010


I love the word mishmash. Almost as much as I love the word rigamarole. The word mishmash exudes it's definition. You feel it when you say it. It means hodgepodge, a bunch of stuff that doesn't fit together. The word speaks volumes. I usually have some sort of mental outline formed in my head before I start writing. Not today. There is so much that I am thinking about. So here goes. Buckle up. Here come random thoughts flying at you!

Thought No. 1:
I'm loving the cooler temps. Fall is my favorite season. We sort of live on the edge of the city. I drive in the country almost every day. The trees are just barely starting to show a little change of color. I'm so excited. And yet don't want the change to happen too fast. It's apple cider, pumpkin on the porch weather and I'm loving it.

Thought No. 2:
I really don't want a Reverend in Florida speaking on my behalf. I saw him on the news today speaking on "behalf of all Americans." He didn't ask me. I must have missed his call. I think what he is doing is sad. He is getting a lot of attention for planning something that is in my opinion ridiculous and hurtful. People who rant and rave half-cocked without accurate information are a frightening bunch. It is true that we live in a land of free speech. I am thankful for this each day. But to take this privilege and misuse it is irresponsible. And to do this with the knowledge that it will provoke violence is doubly harmful.

Thought No. 3:
Had the house assessed today. Cleaned yesterday. Not for the assessor, but because it needed it. Then I stopped at the messy office. It's bad. Scott had to do all sorts of reinstalling of programs after his computer crashed and there is stuff everywhere. Maybe I'll leave it and it will bring the value of the house down. Lower taxes maybe? Nah. I did the five minute shuffle and straightened it up a bit. So, Mr. Assessor came today and I told him my plan to leave it a disaster and the hope that it would bring down the value. He smiled. I think he liked my joke.

Thought No. 4:
My girl will be eleven in 18 days. She can't wait. I can. She's on the edge of bursting into a whole new part of her life. These years have gone by so fast. So much change. She wants to be so grown up and in the next minute she is sitting on my lap when she's tired. I love those moments. I've decided to just breathe. Scott and I have given her a loving home, we have great family and friends that have helped us raise her. We have made mistakes. She has even called us on a few. She's so smart and still so little. I will enjoy all of the moments. Yes, even the ones where two strong wills clash. I'm loving watching her grow into a lovely young woman. With just a dash of stubbornness. No, I don't know where she got that. Smile.

Thought No. 5:
I used to look up a new word every day in the dictionary. I loved doing this. I'm a avid reader and love to write, so this was natural for me. And as luck would have it, or as the saying goes, once you learn a new word you hear it or read it again at least once in the next 24 hours.

I'm off to crack open the dictionary. I want to learn something new today. Happy Weekend!
©2010 Ann M. De Broux

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