Monday, January 16, 2012

A Towel?

Sort of a weird title, huh? I know. I was looking for something with a little more zip. Just couldn't find the right words. And then it came to me. Why make the title spectacular. The definition I am about to give does that all on its own. Do you have flour sack towels? They are the best invention EVER.

My first recollection of these towels was when I was a kid. They were in my mom's kitchen and they were in my grandma's kitchen. Of course the towels were used to dry dishes. That's obvious. But they were used for so much more. The flour sack towel could be used as a baby bib. I've tied more than one towel together to help secure a baby on a regular chair. Wha-la. Makeshift high chair!

I have used these towels to clean mirrors and windows. They leave no lint behind. What about a salad spinner? Who needs one? I have a flour sack towel. Works just as well and takes up a whole lot less cupboard space. I use my towels as aprons and pot holders. These towels are great for attaching ice packs to a wounded knee or ankle.

These towels are white and you can bleach them. They always look fresh and clean. I have wiped up cranberry juice and been able to return these towels to their original luster. So my rule of only gifting consumables does have an exception. Flour sack towels. They go with everything. They have so many purposes. They are ALL purpose flour sacks. Get it? Sorry. Just had to say it.

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