Sunday, February 19, 2012


We've all received them and hopefully we have given them, too. Compliments. They can make your day. Really. It can be a simple comment about your hair or your outfit. It can be about something you said or did. Whatever it is, it feels good. We humans get that warm fuzzy feeling when others feel kind toward us. At least most of the time.

There is the backhanded compliment. For instance someone may comment on how much your cooking abilities have improved. This may be true, but of course needs to be handled in a gentle way. Otherwise this may actually offend the recipient. Don't worry, this such compliment does not offend me. Mostly because it is true. I've admitted to it several times. But to some it may be hurtful.

And there is the unwarranted compliment. In my younger years, I dare say I was whistled at more than once. At the time, depending on the whistler, I would either feel giddy or completely grossed out. Well time changes our viewpoints and our looks. Last week I was waved and winked at in traffic. I didn't feel threatened in any way. I choose to believe that it was just kindness. And the fact that the fella looked a bit like Harrison Ford did not harm me one bit. So, even being the married woman that I am, I waved back. I'm sure I'll never see this guy again. And that is exactly how I want it.

It was Thursday morning and I was wishing it was a Friday morning instead. I was tired and wanted to crawl right back under my covers. When the coffee didn't do it's trick, I felt at a loss. And the traffic was thick and slow. And then I looked to my right. In the lane next to me was this man who made me smile for a minute. My mood lifted and there was once again a little pep in my step.

So my momentary encounter with a total stranger lifted my spirits. He complimented me and it worked. I felt better. And then I went on to hopefully pass this wonderful feeling on to others throughout my day. I think sometimes we forget how easy it is to be kind and how much energy it takes to be frustrated and unkind. My advice this week is to take the easy way out. Be kind. Randomly or to those you know. The good feeling you have in giving compliments is even better than receiving them.

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