Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lightening Up

With the new year here I've decided to lighten up.  I know, I know.  This phrase could be taken in so many ways.  That's kind of where I'm going.  In many different directions.

So, I want to lighten up.  This year is going to be a good one.  I know it.  It's going to be less serious.  Full of fun.  Boring even.  This is what I am hoping for.  Yep.  The ordinary and mundane is where I strive to be.  I have had enough of being in the crisis mode.   I am done with letting stress get the best of me.  Of wearing me out and making me tired.  Ha.  Washing my hands of it.

On to another meaning of lightening up.  It's time to do the yearly purge.  I kind of lost track of this last year.  Too busy with the above mentioned stress.  But now that I'm done with that, I'm ready to clean the house out.  All of the old rules apply.  One thing in, one thing out.  Or maybe two?  If it hasn't been used in a year?  See you later.  The 24-hour rule.  I will wait a day to see if I have an urge to buy something.  I'm going to purge starting with the clothes.  And room by room this house will undergo a deep cleansing.  If you stop by you might not even notice this has been done.  But rest assured it has.  Just check out the calm look on my face.  It will be the look of satisfaction and not being ruled by my stuff.

Then there is the third type of lightening up.  My sister is getting married this summer and I need to show up ready to bridesmaid with a healthier body.  No more excuses.  Healthy food and exercise.  I'll keep telling myself that.  Over and over.  I'll keep this simple.  I will eat foods in their natural state.  I will walk extra miles with the dogs.  I will get the sleep I need.   Sounds simple.  I hope it is.

Lightening up is something I am looking forward to.  I will be and have more fun.  I will not allow consumerism to rule my life and retail therapy is over for me.  And last but not least, this is the year of transformation for my overall health and well being.  Here's to a lighter year.  Any way you choose to take it.

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