Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm That Age

This past week was spring break at my house.  I initially had made grand plans of simplifying my house.  Like to the extreme.  But then the time actually arrived.  And I wanted to sleep.  And eat.  And read.  Without pressure.  So I did.

I wasn't completely lazy.  I was middle-lazy.  And that's not all I am.  Apparently I'm middle-aged, too. Ok, so it's not like I didn't really know that 46 is in the mid range of my time on earth.  But you know how it goes.  You feel like you are in your mid twenties on the inside.  That is until you go to the doctor and start answering questions.  Honestly.  A little trouble sleeping?  Yes.  Hot at night?  Yes.  And the list went on.  I won't bore you with the details.  Well Ann,  you are about that age.

And my reflexes were checked.  Excellent for a person my age.  That pain in my knee?  No, we won't fix it for a while.  Maybe some arthritis.  Come on.  And then the good news.  Now that I have reached the age that I am without incident, I don't have to have certain tests done every year.

So I left the office relieved and having some mixed feelings.  I'm entering a new age for sure.  Two days later I had the every six week appointment I need to cover the plethora of grays emerging from my scalp.  And then the event that hit me square between the eyes.  I walked into a fine department store to find the miracle moisturizer.  The one that will give me sun protection and make me look 20 years younger.

When I walked up to the counter a saleswoman approached me.  I said I need a moisturizer.  She said to address the fine lines in the corners of my eyes?  No, I said.  Oh, something to take care of the dark circles under your eyes.  Not exactly, I said.  Man, kick a girl when she's down.  And along came another saleslady.  Who is now my new best friend.  Mostly because she was kinder and gentler.  She did indeed find me the miracle moisturizer that will address all of my issues.  And included in the package was some concealer.  And we all have things to conceal.  Especially me with my dark circles.

Tomorrow I go back to work.  Rested?  Check.  Medically cleared?  Check.  Hair appropriately colored?  Check.  And wrinkles and dark circles diminishing?  Check.  At least I hope so.  And if not, what do you expect?  I am that age.

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