Monday, December 16, 2013

Color My World

So I saw my therapist today.  We spent time catching up.  Even when you've found someone that you can confide in, there are common pleasantries that occur.  How is Scott?  And Gracie?  How is work going?  You get the picture.

After that we get into deep discussions.  About life.  About the holidays.  How we celebrate them and what is positive and negative about this time of year.  We discuss holidays that have passed.  We talk about loved ones that are no longer living.

We talk about how it is important to take care of yourself during stressful times.  We chat about the old example of the airplane emergency advice.  You know the one.  Where the flight attendant tells you that in case of emergency you should put your oxygen mask on before you help others.  We talk about how counterintuitive this sounds to us, how it is part of our DNA to help others first, even though we completely understand the deeper meaning of taking care of yourself so that you can help others.

And as the minutes pass and our time is up, I feel refreshed.  I feel like I've solved some problems.  I feel lucky to have someone I trust to bounce ideas off of.  I sort of feel like a new woman.   I'd like to think that I look renewed, too.

We bid each other farewell.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too.  And I schedule my next appointment for six weeks from today.  In February I will do this again.  I will see my hair designer for another therapy session and coloring of the grays.  I look forward to it.  Always.

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