Monday, April 20, 2015

The Girls

This past weekend was a rehearsal of sorts.  We had the privilege of attending Abby's confirmation.  Abby is Gracie's best buddy from forever.  They met each other when they were two.  They attended preschool together.  They went to elementary school together.  Through fourth grade.  We lived about four houses away from each other until the house next to ours went up for sale.  Abby and her family moved in next door.  The dads cut a part of the fence that joined our back yards and made it into a door between our yards.

The girls took ballet together.  When they were three.  They were klutzy little ladies all dressed in pink.  They had adorable hair and chubby cheeks.  They had tea parties and picnics.  Sleepovers and craft projects.  They are sisters of sorts.  And with that came the occasional disagreement.  There were matching outfits.  Pictures with Santa every year.

We were moms in the driveway.  The women who birthed these adorable girls.  We lived on a street called Bedford Lane.  We affectionately became the "Bedford Wives."  Several other moms joined us and our children outside.  Spring, summer, fall, winter.  Just like the mailman; we were outdoors every day.  Fresh air and snacks equal healthy, happy kids.  And healthy happy kids make thankful and proud parents.

The dads gathered, too.  They accomplished big outdoor projects together.  There were barbeque's and campfires.  There were even a few tents pitched in the backyard.  The dads slept outside with the kids.  Moms were all comfy inside their houses.  Strong bonds were formed.  We have become the kind of friends that are so close that we really think of each other as family.

So back to the rehearsal.  It was Abby's Confirmation.  She was a gorgeous young woman.  So grown up and graceful.  It was a wonderful thing to be present for this big day.  We were and are so happy for her.  And for a moment I thought about the fact that Gracie would have been confirmed with her on this day.  But this was Abby's day.  And Gracie loved being there to share in it.  In a month it will be Gracie's day.  She'll be confirmed on May 17.  At our church in Madison.

These girls are growing up so fast.  They are driving now.  They still see each other often.  Maybe not often enough.  They are really smart, compassionate and funny young women that we have had the joy to see mature over time.  

I'll always remember the little pink ballerinas that kept falling down and giggling.  I think that was a rehearsal for bigger and better things to come.

P.S.  On a different note, Bruce, my friend, I adore you, too.

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