Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's In The Mail

Okay, who of you, have ever misplaced an important piece of paper? Say, for instance the verification of rabies shots for your dogs that you need in order to renew their pet licenses? It was right there on the counter the other day. I set it out for my husband to take to work with him. He was a cop and he could walk our forms and check right up to the front desk and renew the licenses. Sounds convenient, right? Right. So here I was. The last day of renewal was upon us. I reminded him to grab the forms and check, and have a nice day!
I had just gotten a call to sub at school this particular day. Glad I could rely on my husband to help with the licenses. "Where on the counter did you say?" Right there, I said pointing to the leaning tower of pieces of paper. Not seeing the forms he says. What. Come on. Papers start flying every which way. Man. Not the start to the day that I wanted. Worked all day. Stopped at the vet clinic and got new copies of the rabies verification and ran down to get licenses myself. I did all of this to avoid the extra fees I'd have to pay for paying late. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, Ann. No one's fault but mine.
That's it. No more piles simple girl! From that day forward, it hasn't been perfect, but certainly better. My new rule is this: As I am walking back up the driveway after getting the mail, I recycle EVERYTHING that isn't important. It doesn't have a chance to even make it into my house. Sounds simple and it is. It's the first of many things that I will tell you about that have changed my life. It's helped make room for the more important things.
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  1. I am so pumped you are doing this!!!!!!! I can't wait to read everything. Check out my blog, I wrote a cool story about dad!