Monday, February 1, 2010

Twenty-four Hour Rule

Twenty-four hours. One day. Not long at all, right? Unless you're waiting for a favorite someone to arrive on a plane. Unless you are waiting for test results. Then twenty-four hours can feel like an eternity.

So here goes. I need to make my usual trip to the store. You know, Target, Walmart, Shopko, you fill in the blank. I make a list and check it twice. I may know my store so well that I actually make the list follow the floor plan of the store! I'm just saying I'm a little particular. Anyway, off to the store I go. What's the first thing I notice? I left that pretty little list on the counter in the kitchen! Crap. Oh well, I think that I can remember most of it.

First thing I get smacked with is the new holiday stuff in the Dollar Spot. How cute. I've always wanted measuring cups in the shapes of hearts. Wait a minute. I hope that the company that manufactured these cups really measured accurately, otherwise all I'm buying is cuteness. And I also dare say that I don't want to throw off any of the scientific reactions that my recipes call for. Being the fantastic cook/baker that I am (it's o.k. to laugh if you know me) I would hate to have faulty measuring cups in my possession.

Onward. I'm pretty sure I needed paper towels. And Kleenex. Well, I'm right here in the toothpaste aisle I may as well pick up a few tubes. Are we out of mouthwash? Yep, I think so. Lotion aisle. It's winter. Never can have too much lotion. And cold season. Don't get me started. Some pain relievers, cough drops, those little things that cover the tip of our battery operated ear thermometer. I need those, too.

Across the aisle. Look at the new book releases! If I purchase this one I get a $5 gift card with it. Well, I'm always one for a deal. And I'm expanding my mind and educating myself. How can a girl go wrong. Wait. The book I'm buying is the third in a series. Of course I should buy the other two or I won't really get the third book.

I know that I need garbage bags. What? Are you kidding me? There are liners that you put in your crock pot that virtually make for no clean up. Have I been living under a rock? I look down at my cart. It's looking kind of full. I'm pretty sure that I have everything that I came for.

I check out with my favorite gal. She's always so nice and we banter as usual. She gets me. We have the same kind of humor. I like that. I seek her out on purpose. I'll even step back in line and allow someone ahead of me so I can be in her line.

I bust through the back door. Bring in my numerous bags. Empty them and put my purchases away. After I'm done I look over at the counter. Staring me right in the eye is my pretty little list. I do a quick little look-see to compare my receipt with my planned list. Oops. I did remember the garbage bags and paper towels. But I came home with no less that 15 other things that weren't on my list and that I didn't need.

Has this ever happened to you? Me either. I was speaking hypothetically.

So, I came up with the twenty-four hour rule. It starts with TAKE THE PRETTY LITTLE LIST WITH YOU. Then, anything that isn't on the list, think about for twenty-four hours. You think I'm nuts, don't you? Try it some time. Stick to the list. Anything that is an impulse buy---RESIST! A day later you probably won't even remember that you wanted the heart-shaped measuring cups. Think of all of the money and time you will save. I know that I have.
© 2010 Ann M. De Broux

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