Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Secret Is Safe With Me

OK, just relax, no big, huge, life altering confession coming at you. Just a minor one. You see, I should be going through my house and packing some more. My husband had just pulled out of the driveway in the truck. With a trailer attached. With our neighbor and friend riding shotgun. Looking reminiscent of Sandford and Son. The truck and trailer brimming with lots from our garage. Headed north to the cottage. Much bigger garage there. Not so big in Madison. Hence the trip.

I thought I would sweep out the garage which is now practically empty. Reorganized a bit. Then I sat down for a minute to go through the mail. Big mistake. Do you remember how I was an Olympic junkie? Well, did you know that the Kentucky Derby is on today? Did you know that it is raining cats and dogs there? There are all sorts of human interest stories happening. The hats. There is a lady with a hat the size of an actual umbrella with a garden that must weigh 2o lbs on it. She will definitely be seeing her chiropractor on Monday. The famous people.
Diane Lane, Bode Miller, Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers! Sorry, I'm a little happy about the Pack. I'm a season ticket holder by marriage. Then they show me the gorgeous roses, the mint juleps and the horses. The beautiful horses. So shiny, muscular and poised. Yeah, I'm hooked. I'm staying until this is done. I'm actually planning a trip to Kentucky for next year's race. No I'm not. Just daydreaming.

So, if I were to have a horse and the funds to back it up, I think I would name it "My Secret Is Safe With Me." This of course would be in reference to May 1, 2010. The day that I should have been packing...
© 2010 Ann M. De Broux

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