Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was a good day. We did family things like a family should on a Saturday. It feels great to be a family again. Not that we ever stopped. But living in two separate places made life a bit challenging. Our actual move happened last weekend. And then the week back in Appleton to finish out the school year. It was bittersweet. So nice to be with family and friends. So sad to think of not being with them on a regular basis. I got a bit choked up when I dismissed the kindergartners for the last time from their lunchtime recess. I will miss their daily "funnies." Speaking of funny. There was a great one this last week of school. My coworker and I showed up at work in identical shirts. Not on purpose. We must have had 25+ kids point this out to us. They thought it was a hoot. So did we. Then a little boy insisted that no, the shirts were not the same. We explained that indeed they were. We even bought them at the same store. No, he said. Again and again. Finally, frustrated he said, the shirts had different bumps! OK, I know that you are a smart enough crowd to figure this one out. I'm still laughing.

I have felt myself separating for a while now. From my routine, a little from friends and family. I think this is OK. I don't mean that I have become distant. What I mean is I have been sitting back and observing. I have seen that everyone will be fine. Life will be different, but fine. I have been transitioning. I have smiled at the fact that my beautiful sister has become a part of a great book club. She adds so much life and humor to them and they do the same for her. I have seen a friend's new home and my heart filled with joy at the fact that she and her family have found a place of comfort. I gave a hug to a friend and didn't want to let go because I knew that as soon as I did our lives would change forever. And they have. But we were also texting each other a few hours later.

Change is not always easy. Transitions can be painful. But in the whole scheme of life, I think it's what makes us appreciate what we have. Today is the start of a new life in Madison. My family and friends will be part of this and of course there is always room for more. So now on to the boxes in the basement...stay tuned.
©2010 Ann M. De Broux

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