Monday, May 9, 2011

Farmers' Market

I had heard all of the buzz about how fantastic the Dane County Farmers' Market was. I sort of took it all in stride though. Really? I've been to farmers markets before. What made this one so special? Then I went for my first time about a year ago. I get it. It's everything. The sights, the smells and even the sounds. It's almost sensory overload.

The first thing I noticed was the magnitude of the event. The entire Capitol Square, all four sides and even more, is full of vendors. There is so much to choose from. Truly it's almost overwhelming. These organic growers must have marketing and graphic design in their backgrounds, too. Each tented area is vibrant with the colors of produce. The signage is literally artwork. Of course there are samples that are sure to entice anyone. There are gorgeous flowers and plants. There is fresh baking bread that makes you feel comfy and hungry all in the same moment. Musicians are scattered about the square. I heard a piccolo, a guitar, a violin.

I've learned to pace myself. I now have a system. The crowds are not as plentiful early. So that's my favorite time to go. Even when there are crowds we all move in a polite and orderly fashion. And there's always lots of discussion with complete strangers. Where did you find that? Have you had it before? Always lively talk. Everyone is so friendly. I usually make a lap around to see all of the vendors. I do a little price shopping and comparison. My second time around is buy time. I often will find a little treat to have along the way and some coffee.

Saturday was a great day to be at the market. The tulips around the Capitol were starting to bloom. The air was fresh. The smells were abundant. I unfolded my shopping bag and got busy. It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. So, if I were to recommend this experience to anyone, I'm sure I would come off sounding a little too excited. Come and see. It really is an awakening of your senses. And it's good for you. How can you beat that! Looking forward to Saturday...

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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