Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's Hear It For The Girls

When Scott and I found out we were going to have a girl we were elated. I started calling her by name after that tell tale ultrasound. For all of the trouble we had getting her here, life has been mostly easy and carefree since. We taught Gracie that there was nothing that she couldn't do. We are responsible parents, but we also instilled in her the fear of hardly anything. We wanted to and have given her many opportunities to try many things in life.

My mom and dad have done the same. Gracie has traveled with them to New York and San Francisco. This summer their trip is to Boston. There have been plays, concerts and musicals, too. Fun and educational all at the same time. Gracie has been part of musical events, student government, yearbook committee, karate and running club. There is no stopping this girl. And we'd have it no other way.

So a few months back, when she came home and announced that she would like to be a science olympiad, we supported this. And she went to regionals. And placed second! Yep. That was hootin' and hollerin' that you heard from her mom and dad! Then dad became a coach. She's really good at this, he said. I smiled and said, I'm sure she is. No, really Ann, she's got a knack for this. I believe you, I said. She and her friend Calista kept practicing. My kitchen table was starting to look like a lab. Good excuse to pick up take out for supper.

This past Saturday was the State Science Olympiad. In Oshkosh. Her dad's alma mater. We couldn't be in the room that the events took place in. We were there in time for the awards ceremony. I had a second to ask, how'd you do? I feel good about it, mom. And when their event was called and they placed third in the state in Crimebusting, we screamed and clapped like crazy people! Proud people. Proud parents.

We love that she tries new things. That she has a black belt in karate. That she embraces new challenges all of the time. Now if we could just get her to clean her room...

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