Sunday, April 22, 2012


What a glorious day Friday was.  Yes, it was the last day of the week.  Yes, I had plans to head north for the weekend.  And yes, there's more.  I got the best phone call I have ever received.  Do you remember the phone call I got on December 5?  The day that my husband couldn't reach me?  The day that he was so sad and so desperate to reach me that he called the administration building and they were able to track me down?  The call I received was that I needed to call home immediately.  There was a family emergency.  And when I did reach Scott he told me he had prostate cancer.  My heart broke.  For him and for Gracie.  And for me.

So back to the second call I will never forget.  The one I received on Friday.  It was again from Scott.  I have carried my phone with me every day since December 5.  You all know that he had surgery.  And a very long recovery.  He had a PSA test that came back saying that he still had a count that was worth taking further action on.  He was all set to start radiation at the end of May.  You know, the eight weeks, every day, Monday through Friday treatments.  And then this past week, he had another PSA test.  The level of PSA was undetectable.  UNDETECTABLE.  Can you imagine a better phone call to receive?  At this time there is no need for Scott to have radiation.

There has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.  We had come to terms with what was in our future.  We had a plan.  We have a terrific support system.  And so many people praying for us.  We are so fortunate.  We know that the future is not for us to decide.  We also know that for now we are going to celebrate and live life to the fullest.  And we are able to exhale.

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