Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've Got My Mojo Back

This is how the conversation went. "So, are you going to church tomorrow?" He replied, "maybe." I in turn said, "I think you should go and thank God for giving you a wonderful wife!" He said, "are you in a doorway?" I asked why. "Because the way your head is bloating, I don't want you to get stuck. My reply, "ha, ha." What's so significant about this banter? Well, we've got our mojo back. We are feeling confident and are able to laugh and be silly again. With ease. And we're loving every minute of it. I promise this is the last post about cancer. We have chosen to embrace this great second chance. We are being wickedly funny again. There's lots of silliness going on. Lots of hugging and kissing, too. We are done with the days of sitting on the couch holding hands in fear. Now we are making plans for the summer. With optimism. It is so good to focus on the day at hand, but to be able to make plans is a liberating feeling. When Scott called with the good news over a week ago we all slept that night like babies. We fell into REM sleep that doesn't allow you to dream. It's that peaceful. Over the last few months my days went like this. I woke up. Usually tired. One cup of coffee was made. Two dogs were fed. Three lunches were made. And off to work I would go. I would lose myself in the busy times of the school I work at. At least for about eight hours. Then on my drive home I would muster up the strength to put on my happy face and greet the rest of the evening. Even though I was worried sick. I did talk about this, but didn't want to dwell on it. And we would have supper, go to karate, violin lesson and preconfirmation. People would ask. And I would answer. Now I have better news to share. And life is beautiful and funny again. And life goes on. Cancer does not define this family. But it is part of our history. We won't forget about it or ignore it. What we were before cancer is a family that loves to joke and be crazy silly. We lost that for a bit, but now it's back. And so next week I'm back to simplifying. And I'm going to address an incredibly interesting topic. Yes I am. Storage...


  1. Storage? Never enough. And you know what, we can never give God enough thanks for His greatness in our circumstances! We can never stop praising him for walking through the tough times with us. We can never stop...! I'm grateful for the good news, but grateful too for the tough time. It brought a change in life that is beyond words. Yes, God is still good...Love ya girl!

  2. Ann, I cried as I read your I Got My Mojo Back blog...happy tears to know that you are all laughing, snuggling, kissing again. I adore your family (You, Scott, Gracie..and yes the doggies!)...and I am truly happy to hear the good news. You are all always in my prayers. Thank you for the gift of your friendship! With much love, ~Mirella