Monday, July 30, 2012

Week In Review

This is going to be short, sweet, maybe a little sassy and of course, simple.

When your favorite bra dies, it's a sad day. Yes, an actual day of mourning. And hopefully when this day arrives you are prepared with back up and bandages. When the wire snaps...that's when you need a bandage for the wounded bosom.

Isn't it crazy the things that we marvel at? Like how my girl dog can hold it in and pinch it off a hundred times in one day. Why I ask her? Don't you just want to get your business done and get back to the air conditioning? Obviously her answer was no.

I went to the library near our cottage and checked out a mystery novel. Brought it back to the cottage and began to thoroughly enjoy. Gracie looks over my shoulder and asks, what's up with the funny font in your book, mom? Funny font? I look at the cover and there's the sticker that says LARGE PRINT. No wonder I was enjoying the book so much.

Bar soap. It's what I grew up on. I kind of miss it. All of these pumps and bottles that squirt. I have them, don't get me wrong, but it's kind of nice to not have another something to add to the landfill. And the citrus mint scent. Heaven.

And one more thing. I am once again an Olympic junkie. Lovin' every minute of it. I wish I was there. Attending the Olympics is on my bucket list. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy watching them on tv. Go Team USA!

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