Saturday, September 1, 2012

There Are Angels Among Us

A week ago I told you that our family was broken. Oh what difference a week can make. Please don't misunderstand. We have work to do. Boy, oh, boy do we have work. But we are headed down the right path.

A week ago I was nervous. I was nervous because for the first time in a really long time, I wasn't feeling very optimistic. My husband was in the hospital. Going through withdrawal. The next day was my birthday. It wasn't feeling very joyous, but at least I knew he was safe. And that was a gift in and of itself. Two days later he was released.

Part of me was excited to get him home. The other part of me still feared for his life. There was more treatment that he needed. It could be four weeks was what we were told for him to get into the center. We went into survival mode and started dreaming up plans for him to have to fill the days and keep his mind and body busy.
We were scared. Four weeks can fly by if times are good. If times are stressed this can feel like an eternity.

And then a miracle happened. A friend asked a favor of another. And the next day the love of my life was on his way to treatment. I have had highs and lows this week that I never knew possible. I'm sure they pale in comparison to what Scott is physically going through. But all the same my roller coaster ride feels like it's coming to an end. I'm not ignorant to the fact that there will be trials ahead. But I can lay my head down at night and dream of relief and the future. Not fear and the inability to see past my nose.

He is with people who have quickly become extended family. People who look after him when we can't. There is peace in that. I told you it takes a village to raise someone. It doesn't matter if you are a child or new to recovery. We are so blessed to have angels among us.

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