Tuesday, August 27, 2013

47 Things I know...

Ok.  I'm not actually going to type 47 things that I know.  The reason that I used the number 47 is because that's my new age.  I like the sound of that...my new age.  It's mine and I'm going to own it and tell you a few things that I do know.

I like to spend time, not money.  Any day of the week.  I have money.  I need money.  But the things that mean the most to me don't cost a thing and are yet priceless.  Spending time with a friend over a two hour cup of coffee.  Visiting family and laughing at the jokes that only your family understands.  This is the stuff that life's made of.

A good meal made by someone you love, or for someone you love, nourishes the stomach and soul.  On my birthday Scott made steaks.  With sautéed mushrooms and onions.  It was a meal that pleased my palette.  More than that the company, my man and daughter, made me feel full and loved.

Surround yourself with young ones.  It makes you remember that you're not always right.  It keeps you fresh.  In ideas, humor and language.  It will challenge your brain.  And they will drain your energy and help you sleep well.

If your clothes don't fit, quit wearing them.  I did another major purge this summer of drawers and closets.  Seriously.  It's amazing what I really don't wear.  In my world a good fitting pair of jeans is worth a million bucks.  Ok, not a million, but they are worth a lot.

Moisturize.  On the inside and on the outside.  I recently read a statistic about how Americans are often not hydrated well.  This makes a difference in organs functioning properly and how your skin appears.  Of course there is the need for topical moisture, too. Especially as one ages.  Find one that works.  Your outer shell depends on it.

I don't feel 47.  And I don't feel 21 either.  I feel content.  I feel loved.  I love and laugh.  Like all of the time.  Perhaps this is what keeps me feeling younger than my actual new age.   Or maybe it's all of the lotion and the young people I surround myself with.  Whatever it is, I'm going to keep doing it.

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