Monday, September 2, 2013

Look At What Happens When You Skip A Step

I have been known to take shortcuts.  I love it when I find a quicker way through town.  One that skips a few lights.  One that takes me on roads less traveled.  And the end result is that I usually get to my destination sooner.

I have not always been very patient.  With others, I generally am very patient.  Not so much with myself.  Yes.  I'm the one that likes the shampoo and conditioner combination.  It's quicker that way.  I like the clothes that don't need to be ironed.  I use the laundry soap with softener in it.  I am constantly looking for ways to be quicker in things and more efficient.

I have had some success and some failures in cooking.  There are times when the recipe should be followed to a "t".  And if the recipe says you should sift your dry ingredients, you should follow this direction.  I have also had some success in using substitutes.  But it hasn't worked out well every time.

So this weekend, I did all sorts of rushing around.  I finished cleaning my upstairs in record time.  I was celebrating this accomplishment by whistling as I walked, ok bounced, down the steps.  Almost to the end I missed the second to last step and fell.

After a couple of hours the pain had not subsided.  In fact it was getting worse.  Even after icing it.  And elevating it.  I needed to go to urgent care.  Luckily my sore foot is my left one. I'm still able to drive.  An x-ray was ordered.  My doctor said it looked like a sprain.  The x-ray said it wasn't. In fact three toes are broken.  Pretty badly, too.  Home I went with a fancy new boot and a pair of crutches.  And now I get to have a follow up appointment with a podiatrist.

All this for skipping one step.  Just one...

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