Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

So yesterday I went shopping for a book. The book is called How High The Moon, by Sandra Kring. I love her writing and she is a friend of mine. Her book is one of Target's Bookmark books. I walked excitedly into the store and expected her new release to be featured on an end cap. Much to my dismay it wasn't there. What? Had not the whole world been waiting with anticipation that matched mine? I'm not kidding. I had cleared the calendar so that I could devote all of my free time to this new work.

Well, I saw some employees stocking new books, Cd's and DVDs. I said to myself, step away and let these folks do their work. Shop around a little and check back. If you've read any of my earlier posts, you know that I don't just shop willy nilly. I shop from a list and I shop with purpose. But here I was free from the shackles of my list and I was killing a little time. I wandered over to the clothing section. My sister had on a cute sweater the other day and I thought I might check those out. Found 'em. Found my size. Soon to be mine.

Back to the books. Not out yet. I've got to go. Other things need to get done today. A few more stops and I'm home. Perhaps I should try on the new sweater (and of course pick out one that I will be saying bye to---you know, one thing in, one thing out rule). I try the sweater on and holy torpedo! Yeah, I meant to say that. Not holy Toledo. Why did I not try this sweater on in the store? Why didn't I think about it for 24 hours? Should I consider reduction surgery? Isn't Madonna's "Vogue" out of style?" I'm pretty sure you get the picture. Man, do I wish there was some one I could call to come and see this.

Back goes the sweater. Bad impulse buy. Should have tried it on before I left the store. I'm headed back tomorrow. I should have stuck to my list. I haven't found a book that doesn't fit me yet. OK, maybe one, but that's another post for another day.
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