Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh What A Glorious Monday

What a great weekend. You know the feeling. You've slept well. The weekend was filled with friends, family and fun. You ate well. You probably even crammed all of your chores into the already crazy busy weekday schedule. This left time all weekend for relaxing and recharging. You stretch and actually wake up awake. Strange concept, I know. A far cry from waking up tired. And that waking up tired bit gets old.

So you do your stretching and yawning and yes, you did remember to preset and load the coffee pot. So the aroma is wafting upstairs to lure you out of bed. You decided to choose your outfit for the day the night before. No worries there. And the lunches were made last night after supper. Yes! Alright, now this is getting a little extreme, but you actually filled the dog bowls with food ahead of time, too. All of this terrific preparation should allow me at least one extra cup of coffee. Happy Day. Happy Ann.

So I need to be be somewhere at 9:00. Traffic is traveling smoothly. I drop Gracie off at school. Ding, ding, ding. What is that? Oh, the low fuel light is on and dinging. I am driving the vehicle that I don't usually drive because it is easier to park downtown. We have two vehicles and together they measure out to be the length of a football field. Ok, a little exaggeration. But seriously, try and park either one of them downtown in the city lots and it could send you to the crazy farm. So anyway, I need fuel. I stop at a station and pull up to a pump. I proceed to fill the tank. Cool. That didn't set me back too far in time. I start the car and try to leave. The person ahead of me is inside the store and apparently in no hurry to get a move on. I try to back up. There is a group giving another group directions to Chicago. Oh man. Not hard. Right, right and you're headed in the "right" direction. But this obviously bears repeating. Many times over. For the love of timeliness!! Ugh. I have to be somewhere.

Finally the group breaks up and the person ahead of me leaves at just about the same time. Of course. My GPS recalculates and off I go. My appointment is downtown. The maze of one way streets. This is why the need for the GPS. Funny little side story. I received the GPS on Mother's Day from Gracie. My parents helped her buy it. She wrote in my card that with our moving, "I want to make sure when you drop me off at school you can find your way back to pick me up again." Such a funny kid.

My GPS does not fail me. Leads me right up to the front door. And this is where I try to walk in. Not gonna happen. The place is in lock down and you must enter on the other side of the building. Finally I am in. With seconds to spare. Not how I usually like to operate. The appointment was a success. I found a new place and a few spots along the way that I'd like to explore some time. Even with all of my preparations for the busy morning I barely made my appointment. Think if I hadn't pre-planned? Life is funny that way. On to Tuesday.

©2010 Ann M. De Broux

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