Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dog Days of Christmas

I did indeed mean to say the dog days of Christmas. With Bailey and Sweet Pea in the house I have been trying to figure out what they must be thinking during this holiday season. Here's a little excerpt:

We sure must be good dogs. Our people have brought us a tree. Our very own tree in the living room. Now we don't have to go outside to lift a leg. And can you believe that they are hanging treats on the tree for us to eat and play with. Could life get any better? So we're pretty happy about the tree, but the round thing that they hung on the door? Not so much. It blows in the wind and bangs against the glass. It's hard to get a good nap around here with all that racket. And what's up with all of the extra light on the front porch. We did lots of sniffing and growling before we figured out that these weren't dangerous.

And Ann, she is baking! Lots of crumbs on the floor to feast on. More than usual. She sure does spill a lot. To our advantage of course. And these things that they wrap in paper. The best gift of all is the unwrapped paper. You don't even need the so called gift inside. Just wad up the paper and let us have a go at it. Walked around the house with a shiny thing hanging off of me. Couldn't shake it. My girl said I looked cute in a bow. I don't know. I'll stick with the paper. And the clean up. What, are they trying to kill us? That vacuum comes out every day lately.

Usually we aren't ones to complain,but the noise in our house! Same songs over and over. You know that we are sensitive to the bell sounds in the songs. It's our job. We react to stuff like that. We were born to patrol. To guard our people. From the bell at the door. You know, FEDEX and UPS. These people get way too close to our house and our family. And they have the nerve to ring our doorbell. The injustice.

We think Ann might need a new dryer. For some really strange reason she's been hanging socks up on the stair railing. We aren't sure if she's being her normal frugal self, or what.

That's all from the dogs. Enjoy the holiday through your eyes, the eyes of a child or wise eyes. Enjoy the beauty of the season from all viewpoints. Merry Christmas!

©2010 Ann M. De Broux


  1. I have this "dog voice" in my head...nice Christmas touch, Ann!

  2. Thanks, Karen. I hope your holiday was wonderful.