Monday, December 27, 2010

Here's To the New Year

So you're probably reflecting on the wonderful times had with family and friends over the holiday season. I know that I am. It was our first Christmas in our new house. Our time was so relaxed and easy. Our family made it that way. This Christmas was definitely one of my favorites. Now on to the new year.

I've made the resolutions of spending less, saving more. The eat better and exercise five times a week resolution has been made. The clean out the basement promise always makes me chuckle, too. So this year I still wish for all of these things, but I have decided to try and do things a little more smaller scale. I think this might work. So here goes.

I will put things back where they belong. I will try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I will truly ask people how they are and not stop when they say fine. I will eat out once a week and no more. I will limit myself to one soda a day. I will remember that if I can spend $100 on a pair of shoes, then I most certainly can donate $100 to charity. I will read more. I will hug my family and friends more. I will drive the speed limit. That one is going to be really hard! I will sleep eight hours a night. I will hand write a note a week. Post my blog on Mondays. I will cut down on my recycling---meaning I will buy less packaging. I will try and buy organic when possible. I will drive less. I will live in the moment.

That may seem like a lot. It is. A lot of common sense. Things that I should already be doing on a regular basis. In our modern world with all the technology we have we some times lose the common sense part of the equation. Convenience overrides common sense all too often. And that leads to a lot of frustration. And it is so easy to complain about the problems. But to be part of solutions, not problems, is my goal this year. What's your goal this year? I'd love to hear what it is.

©2010 Ann M. De Broux


  1. I can work with common sense resolutions. Although it's the end of January already, it's not too late to put in print the only thing I plan on not screwing up. I resolve to get my daughter to age two the best way I know how: love, books, play, sleep, immediate and extended family time, no TV, organic food, good music (my wife and I will debate that one), more love, and whatever else feels like a good idea.

  2. Great resolutions! Definitely within reach and will make such a great impact on your daughter. And then there's the ripple effect it will have on you and your wife. Good luck with the music debate!