Monday, January 31, 2011

Forever Friends

You've heard all of the terms these days. Like BFF, or soul sister, my girls, my peeps. Well, I'm 44 and these don't really sound like something I would say. But I do have to tell you that I have a bunch of these ladies in my life. This past week has been full of them. Twice I got an unexpected call from my forever friends. One was in the morning and one was at night. Both surprised the living daylights out of me. Maybe that's why they were so special. We talked about our kids, our husbands and our jobs. Most importantly we talked about each other. We can say anything to each other and not be afraid of how the one listening will react. There is no judgement. Only support. And it's like this EVERY time we talk. Even if months have separated our visits. We pick up right where we left off without missing a beat. We laugh and sometimes we cry. For sure, we bleed the valve of every day stresses. And when we hang up the phone our hearts are full. I guess I shouldn't speak for them, but I know that my heart is full.

And then there was this weekend. This week had been a long and busy one for me. I was looking forward to the weekend, though. I drove up to Appleton to pick up three of my forever friends and head up to my cottage. Man, did we all need this. We had 24 hours of only feeding ourselves. Only dressing ourselves and playing games we wanted to play and eating at leisure. We went out for dinner and actually could sit at the bar and enjoy a drink without running kids to the bathroom. Or digging in our purses for crayons or a pen and paper to keep some little people busy. And then the funniest thing happened. The restaurant seated us smack dab in the middle of the dining room. We were conversing, making jokes and laughing. It dawned on me that we may be a little bit loud. And sure enough, as I gazed around the room, I could see many a table engrossed in our conversation. We should probably take our act on the road. I'm thinking we could earn good money. Husbands and wives were listening, Young and old alike. We kept it clean. Well, most of the time. Remember, we didn't have our kids with us.

So my forever friends and I headed back to the cottage. Played another game and watched all the t.v. that we wanted in our pajamas. There were intermittent discussions about a wide variety of issues. Some political. Some not. Lots about family. The young ones (our kids) and the older ones (our parents). And we just leaned on each other. With lots of laughter injected into the conversation. Just like old times. Nothing has changed. And that's the way I like it. Oh and wait until I tell you what they talked me into...That's a blog for another day!

©2011 Ann M. De Broux


  1. Thanks for sharing this....means so much!

  2. Yup, waiting for some of those days myself.....

  3. Love love love this post Ann! What great memories.