Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Question

It all started with one question yesterday. I was subbing the last day of school. Our class was returning from gym and one of the students I was with was tired. She was slowly climbing the stairs to the second floor, when she turned to me and said, could I get a piggyback ride? I said this back is way too old for that. How old? she asked. Now I need to interject that I am not too old, but what you do for one may have to be done for all and this was a class of 26. My back is definitely not up to that many piggyback rides. So back to her question. I turned it back to her. How old do you think I am? She said 30? I said to her, you are my favorite. Disclaimer: I say that to all of the kids.

As I sat in the class during the last few moments, I thought of these amazing little lives. I hope that they live well. I hope that they wear sunscreen all summer. I hope they laugh every day. I hope that they eat a healthy breakfast each morning and have someone who loves them tuck them in each night. I hope they are imaginative and make crafts out of boxes and recycled bottles. I hope they breathe fresh air every day and don't get too buggy eyed from computers and televisions. I hope that they go to the library and read and get lost in the world of fact and fiction.

I hope that these beautiful little minds stay engaged. I hope they get dirty and muddy and silly. I hope that they dance in the rain. I hope that they don't grow up too fast. Just at a pace that is normal for their age. I hope that they snuggle with their cat or dog. I hope that they get to drive somewhere for a vacation. Even to the next town over. And I hope I get to see them next year so I can ask them one question. How was your summer?

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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