Monday, June 27, 2011


Oh technology, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. We all have Internet these days. We need it, right? We have computers and phones and all sorts of other do dads. So what's my gripe today about technology? It's that it doesn't work half the time. And those times are always when you absolutely have to send an email, download a resume or write the blog that you promise to post on Mondays.

It started at our house last week. It was as if our Internet was possessed. It quit. Went kaput. Kicked out. You get the picture. No big deal. Just shut it all down and restart. Everyone has a need to do that. Five minutes later same thing. Total shut down. And this went on and on all week long. Scott has tried his best to diagnose and fix this issue for us, but nothing has worked at this point. Honestly, the fact that I am actually typing at lightning speed and this thing hasn't kicked out is amazing me. What else is amazing me is how much I truly rely on the Internet these days. My blog is on it. My banking is on it. I communicate with friends and relatives by it. Frustrating when it doesn't work. I try not complain much, but this one has me a bit nutty. Especially since right this very second my computer kicked out again. For such a simple girl, this computer business really complicates my life.

Computers and cars. One of my windows in my car inexplicably dropped into the door and refuses to return. It will be fixed in a day or two to the tune of a bazillion dollars. These two things can really get me going. I'm venting a bit here. We all need them. Some would say that we can't live without them. Well, I'm still alive, but couldn't be more frustrated. Oh wait. Yes I could. The trifecta was complete this morning. The dryer decided to go on strike. So here I am in the library posting my Monday blog on Tuesday. I am now breathing deeply and searching for my zen place. Actually, I may have just found it. It's in the library. It's for adults only and it's called the "quiet room". Ahhh.

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