Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creatures Of Habit

I know. Today is Tuesday. In my mind this is Monday. The holiday is throwing me off a bit. This is a work day. Not a play day. Big difference. So all day, at least so far, I have been off a day. Even yesterday when my dad asked if I had written my blog, I said I have until tomorrow. Completely thrown off. Out of my routine.

We were up north this weekend and the power went out. This is livable and sometimes even fun. Flashlights and candles. Spooky stories. You know the drill. After a while it gets old. You flip on a light switch. No light. Oh right, no power. You open the refrigerator and think the light bulb has burned out. Wait. Your brain catches up. Again no power. My neighbor got up in the middle of the night and realized we didn't have power and ran right into the wall. Pure habit. He thought he was at his other house. I woke up on Saturday to still no power. I thought maybe I should run into town and see what's happening. What if the gas station has no power? I won't be able to buy ice, coffee and a paper. Then I remember that I have internet access on my new phone (which I am still getting used to by the way. I have butt dialed at least a dozen times and if one of the calls has been to you, I apologize). So I Google WPS and find out that there are twelve power outages involving almost five thousand customers. We are one of those customers. Terrible wind storm last night. I grab my keys and some money and hope that there is power in town. Just as I am about to step out the door, the power comes back on.

I can make Gracie laugh hysterically when I shift my "new" car. New is in quotes because it's my new, used car. I'm used to the shift located on the steering column. This car has it on the floor. So when I grab at the place I expect it to be I turn the windshield wipers on. Cracks her up every time. Aren't we funny creatures, we humans? We love a routine. We wake up and go to bed by the sun. We eat at designated times. We put things back in their place and expect them to be there when we go to use them again. Oh wait, that's a dream of mine! We are able to adapt, thankfully. It sometimes takes a while, but we do adapt. Off to reset my weekly clock. Maybe by the end of the day I will know where I am.

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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