Monday, August 1, 2011

Tale of Two Cities

Two places that couldn't be more different. San Francisco, CA, and Townsend, WI. Gracie, my mom and dad are in San Francisco. Scott and I are in Townsend. Gracie and my folks are enjoying the Christmas gift that she was given. My mom and dad are wonderful at thinking outside the box. These "experience" gifts are absolutely priceless. They are in their third day of this trip and already it is a hit! They have a room with a view of the city. They have eaten at Mel's Diner. They are learning their way around on the bus and subway systems. They have been to Fisherman's Wharf and are headed to Chinatown today. They will have lunch and tour a fortune cookie factory. Tomorrow they will fly kites in Golden Gate Park. The list goes on. We love the phone calls that we are getting with all of the colorful explanations of the places they are seeing. Scott and I have been there. We can relate.

Then we tell Gracie and my mom and dad what we've been up to. Not much really. We joke that we're in training to become sloths. I'm sort of kidding. We did the mandatory maintenance around the cottage. We have run a few errands. We've seen some people we know. We have eaten well. The dogs have been joining us in our laziness. We watched a movie. We nap and laugh. We will go boating. They can relate when we tell them what we are doing in return. Gracie, mom and dad have experienced our cottage, too.

No matter where you vacation. Whether your time is filled with education and touring and brand new experiences. Or if your time is spent reclining in your lawn chair on the deck, reading and watching an otter swim by. Vacations are a time to enjoy. Big or small, they add so much to our lives. And we'll all have tales to tell when we get home.

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