Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Trifecta Weekend

So if you know me you know that I don't get too excited about what I wear. I like to look nice and certainly appreciate being comfortable. You know that I wear dark colors to hide spills. We've been through all of this before. But this past weekend, I had to wear many colors. Blue for the Brewers, red for the Badgers and green for the Packers.

What a weekend it was! Wins all around. The trifecta of sporting events for Wisconsinites. I love this stuff. Good food. We grilled steaks last night. I whipped up some homemade salad dressing. A great meal was thoroughly enjoyed. Today, little smokies in barbecue sauce, pickles, olives---yum. The best part of today was that we had family visiting and we enjoyed watching the Brew Crew and the Pack with them.

There were a couple of other trifectas in my weekend. In one evening I got a haircut, did the laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. You laugh. Don't worry. I'm laughing, too. These days life is super busy and I do find satisfaction from little things that really are big things if they get out of control. The Saturday trifecta was that I grocery shopped, paid bills and took a long walk. Why am I speaking in threes? Well, I've decided to reinvent the "bad things happen in threes" saying. I want good things to happen in threes from now on.

Really. Why is it so easy to focus on the negative things? Impending doom is all the rage. I don't want to be part of that. I want to find success in little things. I'm ok with filling my half full cup drop by drop. It takes less energy to be positive than it does to be negative. The rewards are so much better, too.

Maybe bad things do happen in threes. The one thing I do know is that good things, even great things are just as likely to happen in triplicate. And here's my proof. I just emptied the dishwasher, tucked my beautiful girl into bed and am posting this blog. I'm celebrating right now.

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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