Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Pure Kindness of Neighbors

So this weekend was met with much excitement. We were headed to the cottage to pull the boat out of the water for the final time this season. Truth be told, any excuse to go north is a good one. We love it up there. So the count down was on. Friday was here and I was watching the clock. This is something that I rarely do. Time always seems to drag on when you watch it. But I couldn't help myself. I was excited to go. Almost like a little kid. I couldn't wait to see the leaves and go for a walk in woods. Swish, swish would be the noise I made as I kicked the fallen leaves. And the smells. The smells of autumn transport me to my happy place each and every time.

It's 1:00 p.m. I get a text. I know this because my pocket vibrates. I can't check it though. We have a strict rule at school that the students may not use their electronics and the same holds true for us, the staff. I use my phone as a timepiece. I don't wear a watch. As I am punching out of work, I check the texts that I have received. The first one reads, "I've sprained my ankle." The next one says," going to the doc at 2:00." And then no more. I make a phone call and find out that indeed there has been a bad sprain. And even worse. A bone chip floating around in the ankle that will require surgery. Really? My first thoughts are for the comfort of my husband. How do you feel? Should we stay home this weekend?

He wants to proceed with the weekend plans. So up north we go. I drive, of course. He's on crutches. Not much that he can do. So we call upon the huge heart of one of our neighbors. A call is made and we feel relieved. He will help us with the boat. He will drive it to the landing and help us trailer it. What a guy. He helped us. We joked. We did a little story swapping. Lots of talk about fishing. Then there were the handshakes and hugs goodbye. The reassurances that if we ever needed anything else...

I'm telling you, this is the stuff of life. I certainly wish that Scott had not been hurt. I would take that away if I could. But if there had to be a silver lining to the story it is this. When you need a friend and they are there for you, your heart is full. Your life is blessed. And times like these make you want to pass it on. And you know what? You will.

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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