Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week In Review

Sorry. It was another one of those weeks. The kind where I just can't find the energy or time to sit down and write. This is silly because I actually find that when I do write, I have more energy. Weird, right? Maybe it's my coffee. Anyway, it's one of those weeks where nothing bad happened to me, just busy. So, here goes:

Scott and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on Monday. And yes, for those of you who don't know it was Halloween. I made it that way so he never forgets! Just kidding. It was the only autumn Saturday left on the calendar that year. We've had lots of great times with the date.

Gracie and I ordered Avon from our neighbor. We got our order on Wednesday. It was very retro for me. Brought me back to my childhood. I couldn't wait to look through the small catalogs, place my order and wait in anticipation for the delivery. I'm now living this through Gracie's eyes. Brings me back. So does the smell and feel of Dew KIss lip balm! Simple joys.

I had a student bring me a candy bar. My favorite. He's now my favorite. Remember, I say that to all of the kids I work with. And I mean it. It doesn't lose it's meaning when I share that feeling with all of them. I enjoy these young people so much. My days fly by and I hope I am making a difference.

We had our carpets cleaned this week. I feel like we have a whole new house. It made me want to purge and clean like the president was coming. I started Friday night and worked all day yesterday. Therapeutic. My family finally made me sit down and we watched four hours of Hallmark movies. Loved every minute of it. Especially the family part.

Speaking of family. Please love, appreciate and hold yours tight. You never know when things will happen. Please don't live a life of regret. When you don't have the time is when you should take it. Every minute counts. This week I learned of a friend and her family and a loss that is too hard to even imagine. Children are not supposed to die before their parents. So please take the time to make the time. Nothing, NOTHING, trumps time.

With that said, I am off to church with my family. I have warned them that I am feeling lucky today and I am ready to beat them in whatever games we play. Chinese food will be picked up on the way home and of course there's a Packer game to watch. This has been a good week. I hope yours was a good one, too.

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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