Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank You

I was going to list all of the things that I am thankful for in this post. But you all know them already. I am thankful for family, friends and health. Then there's the obvious shelter, food, water and health insurance. This just didn't feel right to me. And while I was thinking about what I was thankful for, I happened to be vacuuming and the thought of being thankful for vacuum lines in my carpet passed through. I didn't want to sound petty. I really do like the lines though. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

So instead I decided to live right in this very moment and thank my husband, mom, dad and sister for giving me this weekend. Thank you, Scott for going to Florida. He's teaching a class and makes a nice chunk of change when he does so. He loves to teach and does it well. It fills his cup. Thanks mom, dad and Amy for taking my girl for the weekend. I know that everyone all around had fun. So guess where I am and what I am doing? I'm home alone and loving every minute of it. Some may be offended by that comment. Not my intent. Not at all. I do still have the dogs. But for thirty-six hours I fed only myself and when I wanted to. I took more than one nap. I read and went through magazines. I did a little bit of cleaning. A lot of dog walking. And the biggest accomplishment was that I finished Christmas shopping for my girl. A special thanks goes out to ladies at the mall for wrapping everything. My donation to their cause was well spent.

I miss everyone. I don't like to spend much time away from them. I almost filled my weekend with coffee with friends and a dinner out, but stopped myself. I really needed to recharge. It felt great. My cup runneth over. My heart is full. I love that my family did this all for me. I guess it all does come full circle. I really am most thankful for my family. In this upcoming holiday season please remember to live in the moment. This is a season of joy and each moment with family and friends should be savored. Simply enjoy!

©2011 Ann M. De Broux

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