Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yep, It's That Time of Year---Again

What time of year do you say? Rummage sale time. Yes it is. People are itchin' to get out there and find some deals. It's been a long winter and the malls and thrift shops are just not enough anymore. People want to be OUTSIDE experiencing nature while shopping.

So to prepare for this annual event, I have begun to purge and make my separate piles of stuff. I ask myself, where does this stuff come from? I actually don't shop much. Does it reproduce in the dark? Anyway, there's too much stuff in my house and it has to go! For instance, do I need a wreath for every season and holiday of the calendar year? It was cute for a while, but now I'm feeling burdened with wreaths and want to pare down to some classic, multiseasonal ones. Don't get me started on the other holiday decor. There will be much of this available at a very discounted rate also.

Then the kitchen. How many glasses do I really need? I used to have 12 or 16. Can't remember. Some breakage has occurred, mostly at my own hand, and now I'm down to WHAT, 24 glasses? Crud. I think I have done some souvenir shopping along the way and in a weak moment had to get the complete set of Shrek glasses from McDonalds. Really, Ann. Not sounding simple. And pans and trays and bowls. Let me just say this. I will never, ever, in my lifetime have a party that would be big enough to use all of the extra afore mentioned. Geez! I will cater first and buy biodegradible cups, plates, etc.

On to the purses. A woman can only carry one at a time, so to have too many is ridiculous, right? But come on. They always fit. Well I have the solution. I'm not really making a pitch here. But there is this type of purse that you buy "shells" for to change the look. Why don't I think of this stuff. Anyway, I have one---love it. Takes up little space on the closet shelf.

And on to books. There are times in my life when I just have to have the newest release RIGHT NOW. I buy it. I read it. And I pass it on or sell it. Never in my whole life have I reread a book---ok, portions of the Bible, but that's it. So I purge books at this fine time of spring. Not too many though. I tend to use my local library so much more.

After all of the complaining and going through kids clothes and toys and towels, etc. the day is finally here. Please let the weather be great. We always pick up lunch and sit in the driveway chatting in between sales. At the end of the day(or should I say weeks of planning), you hopefully have made enough money to cover the newspaper ad and lunch. You and your house can breathe again.
© 2010 Ann M. De Broux

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